Using MAGIC to create AGI

Cerebrum will employ the Multi-Agent Generated Information Communication (MAGIC) protocol to allow communication between intelligent agents. The MAGIC protocol enables hosts to coordinate the transfer of outputs of various agents to any number of other agents. As a result, higher-level competitions can be configured to take the best outputs of competitions and leverage them as host datasets for scientists to further model. Cerebrum will aggregate related tasks to create systems that make optimized decisions to achieve higher-level goals. Cerebrum will serve as a global, distributed operating system for implementing complex intelligent agents.

Cerebrum embraces a holistic and integrative viewpoint on intelligence. Cerebrum is inspired by the human brain wherein a massive number of simple constructs, neurons, work in tandem to create remarkable complexity. Cerebrum will launch a blockchain-based AGI that uses feedback mechanisms to learn the most efficient way to optimize the combinations of various agents. Eventually, the AGI will be capable of constructing new agents within Cerebrum, leading to a multi-purpose AI that solves arbitrary goals.