Cerebrum Mind States


Simple Mind

Asset 2.png

Simple Mind constitutes the core platform in which Cerebrum will have the foundational functionality to facilitate machine learning competitions and will serve as an effective platform for fostering predictive power. The core community of data scientists and machine learning experts will be formed in this state.


Free Mind

Asset 3.png

Free Mind promotes the creation of agents possessing artificial narrow intelligence by employing the MAGIC protocol to allow communication between agents. The inherent modularity and competition-specific contract framework will empower hosts to create competitions with customized parameters for processing predictions and payouts.


Open Mind

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Open Mind supports the capability of producing distributed artificial intelligence conceived as groups of multi-agent systems that interact by cooperation, coexistence, or competition. Open Mind will extend the Cerebrum core architecture with an additional agent-sharing ecosystem, Hippocampus, where a marketplace will exist between agent owners and agent providers.


Strong Mind

Strong Mind transforms Cerebrum to behave as a form of artificial general intelligence. The Cerebrum core architecture will be extended with Brainstem, which autonomously configure the most optimal multi-agent systems for solving goals specified by users. Brainstem will behave autonomously, but all initial actions will be triggered by platform users.


Super Mind

Asset 6.png

Super Mind enables the Cerebrum AGI to create competitions and agents directly without having to rely on human configured agents. Super Mind will allow the Cerebrum AGI to recursively learn by using reinforcement learning. The AGI will apply feedback loops from outputs of multi-agent systems to improve its design choices, effectively transforming the AGI into a self-sustaining ASI.