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Cerebrum is the world’s first decentralized platform for crowdsourced machine learning. Cerebrum enables anyone to encrypt their data and host machine learning competitions to utilize the collective intelligence of models created by the world’s largest community of machine learning experts without sacrificing data privacy. Moreover, Cerebrum will promote machine learning competitions on open datasets to collect a library of the most optimal intelligent agents for solving particular goals. Cerebrum will democratize the power of AI by providing customizable, intelligent agents to everyone in the world.

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Hosts create machine learning competitions by uploading encrypted data and sending Neurons to Cerebrum.


Machine learning experts submit prediction model outputs for every competition.


Cerebrum combines predictions to create a metamodel for hosts, and compensates machine learning experts depending on their contributions.



Established IT giants have driven the centralization of AI into a selective group of large corporations. These companies possess continuously improving AI systems that will soon prompt domination over any competitors not able to equip themselves with the resources these AI juggernauts have. Therefore, there is a tremendous and urgent need for democratizing the power of AI by liberating access to those crucial resources: tons of data and AI experts.



Cerebrum implements crowdsourced machine learning to revolutionize how torrents of data can be collected and analyzed by an unconstrained supply of machine learning experts. Crowdsourced machine learning accelerates solving many demanding problems due to the sheer scale of computation and uniquely designed models provided by the community. Cerebrum uses the Ethereum blockchain to align incentives between those wishing to gain predictive power from their data and scientists seeking to monetize their machine learning skills. However, unlike existing crowdsourced machine learning platforms, these incentives will garner increasing amounts of shared models and data leading to improved prediction modelling while also preserving data privacy, model privacy, and anonymity.

Cerebrum realizes an effective distributed, decentralized AI by integrating blockchain with AI. The inherent immutability of data published on the public ledger leads to absolute confidence in training/testing data and models they produce. Moreover, Cerebrum provides open access to intelligent agents created by competitions that accomplish particular goals. Decentralized AI offers a unique proposition that no other AI can offer: the democratization of AI.

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Modular Architecture Inspired by the Brain

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
— Alan Kay